About Us

We here at Cypress Paintball are committed to giving you, our patrons, the best paintball experience in Cypress Texas! We offer low impact paintball for anyone in the Houston, Katy, Cypress, and the rest of the world!

Most people don’t know what low impact paintball is, so let me explain both traditional paintball as well as low impact paintball for you.

Traditional paintball: Traditional paintball is typically played with a .68 caliber paintball shot between 265-285 fps (feet per second). Typically getting shot by a .68 caliber paintball will result in a quarter sized bruise due to the velocity and size of the ball, and how close you are shot.

Low impact paintball: Here at Cypress Paintball we specialize in low impact paintball. Our paintball guns shoot a .50 caliber ball, at 245-265 Fps, resulting in very minimal bruising, if any!

We at Cypress Paintball want people to enjoy paintball and grow the sport, which is just one reason we decided to go with our low impact paintball guns for rental players. Cypress Paintball is ideal for first-time players, as well as those who may have had a bad experience with the traditional paintball fields (for any reason).

Our staff has over 20 years of combined paintball experience, and almost 30 years of customer service experience, and with that combination, we can all but ensure, you will have an amazing time here at Cypress Paintball!